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Breaking News: New Full Fibre Broadband Towns Announced

Ultrafast fibre broadband infrastructure plans have been announced today that will benefit a number of towns and cities in East…

About Us

CloudConnX is a joint venture with Eastbourne Borough Council to develop Eastbourne as the most digitally enabled business environment along the South East Coast.

Whilst actively supporting the installation of Superfast Broadband throughout East Sussex, it is not an acceptable option for Eastbourne to be critically dependent on the political agenda, timing and funding limitations of third parties for our economic development.

In line with the coalition government’s drive for communities to become more self-determining, CloudConnX has been created to provide and offer a range of Broadband services that encompass both Internet access and private network leased line rentals with speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps, complemented by a range of Cloud based services delivered from Eastbourne’s own Datacentre facility.

“Local e-commerce services for local businesses delivered by local ICT experts”.

At the heart of the CloudConnX service is a wholly owned communications infrastructure that covers all areas of Eastbourne, which means that no matter where your business is located – CloudConnX is able to provide you with high speed communication services.

The CloudConnX network is “technology agnostic” and supports a range of technologies spanning the normal copper wire based “ADSL” and the well publicised fibre optic based  “FTTC / FTTP” media, but also uniquely our EtherAir “Wireless” service that allows every area of Eastbourne (and beyond) to have access to high speed Broadband irrespective of its distance from the local BT exchange.

“We believe that CloudConnX has resolved the problem of universal access to
superfast broadband whilst the debate continues in Whitehall.”