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Breaking News: New Full Fibre Broadband Towns Announced

Ultrafast fibre broadband infrastructure plans have been announced today that will benefit a number of towns and cities in East…


Q) Is Wireless communication affected by the weather?

A) No, the wireless technology deployed by CloudConnX is used worlwide in some of the most hostile desert and artic environments and extreme weather regions operating flawlessly in tropical rain and hurricane conditions.

Q) Do I need any special equipment to connect to a wireless circuit?

A) No, the CloudConnX EtherAir wireless circuit connects straight into your office router.

Q) How is the wireless circuit presented in the office?

A) This is your choice from a wall mounted socket or wire termination at a point specified by you.

Q) Why isn’t superfast wireless broadband deployed more widely across the UK?

A) It is, and becoming more so for the same reason – that the laying of fibre optic cable is hugely expensive requiring tens of millions for just a few square miles of connection; and the fixation of the large carriers on fibre optic as being the only solution is wearing thin given the comparatively low cost and equal reliability of new wireless technologies.

Demand for superfast broadband to be available “today” is growing, and providing the connection is fast (say 35Mbs), reliable and affordable we no longer care about the medium it is delivered by.

Q) How reliable is your service?

A) We aim to maintain a “five nines” (99.999%) percentile availablity for all circuits and datacentre services. Unlike many ISP operators CloudConnX owns the ‘last mile’ of all its circuits avoiding the need to rely on third party engineers and their priorities. Add to this that all CloudConnX support personnel live locally means that we can deploy engineers rapidly and effectively throughout our operating region.

Q) Do you only provide your services in East Sussex?

A) No, we are a national provider and can supply and manage communication and Cloud services wherever our Clients need them, but we make no bones about our focus on the East Sussex business community.

Q) My current provider raises their eyebrows and whistles when I mention Wireless Broadband.

A) If it’s not a personal affliction then it’s because you have just mentioned the one technology he/she will not have in their bag and is hard to beat on speed, reliability and cost – making it time to bring out that old Sales stalwart – FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Don’t be influenced by the FUD technique, but do be influenced by the economics, features, benefits, reliability and local support resources of the CloudConnX service.  (Plus – we are genuinely nice people to do business with!).

Q) Where is your Datacentre services located?

A) Our datacentre services are delivered from 3 highly secure locations, two in London and the wholly owned CloudConnX centre in South Wealden.