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Breaking News: New Full Fibre Broadband Towns Announced

Ultrafast fibre broadband infrastructure plans have been announced today that will benefit a number of towns and cities in East…


Unlike traditional broadband services, CloudConnX wireless connections negate the need for telephone lines or dedicated leased line cables to the premises.

This means that our services can save money on unnecessary telephone line rental costs, reduce the upheaval associated with getting lines from the road into the premises, and can be delivered more rapidly.

This is how we do it:








Upon receipt of your order, we carry out an unobtrusive site survey, the majority of which is carried out off-site using sophisticated software tools and detailed photographic information. A short on-site inspection is then arranged to check building layouts, availability of power and ease of access.

Subject to a successful survey, network connectivity is then confirmed on a local CloudConnX Point of Presence (PoP) and an installation date agreed.

On the day of installation, an engineer will install a discreet wireless network device on the outside of the premises and run a single cable into a pre-agreed place in the building where it will connect to your network.

After some final configuration tests, your wireless connection is ready for use.

It’s that simple!

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