CloudConnX Services

CloudConnX is a leading-edge provider of cloud, connectivity and communications services for businesses. 

Connectivity Solutions

Every organisation needs to access the Internet and often link privately to other sites but there are many different ways to connect. The best solution for you will depend on the type, size and location of your premises and team. Whether you are installing something for the first time or upgrading what you have already, we offer an extensive range of options to help you access the content, resources and applications you require.

Leased Lines

Leased lines offer a higher quality connection to the Internet or other sites and are suitable for more complex organisations, especially those with several different premises. Leased line connections are exclusively yours, so will be faster than shared connections

FTTP- Full Fibre

FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) provides access to gigabit-capable upload and download speeds. That's 1000MBit/s!


FTTC- Standard Fibre

FFTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) offers an ideal step up from ADSL broadband. Standard Fibre offers download speeds up to a maximum of 80 MBit/s.



Internet Connectivity provided over a high quality, secure wireless link between a dish mounted on the outside of your premises and one of our masts.


Mobile Broadband

Broadband delivered over 4G and/or 5G cellular data networks providing surprisingly good performance even in areas where download speeds on handsets is poor.


Public & Corporate WiFi

We offer a range of WiFi solutions for corporate and public sector clients. We can also provide WiFi for shops, cafes and public places. Our public WiFi offerings comply with government standards and can be installed as a turnkey connectivity solution.

Convergent Voice Solutions

In a digital age, we often overlook the power of conversation - but it’s key to building good working relationships. To do this you need telephone systems, mobile phones, conference call facilities and voicemail. Many companies need to be able to record phone conversations for legal reasons and quality control. We have a variety of solutions to appeal to all types of business.

3CX- Hosted PBX

3CX is a flexible communications package that travels with your business. This telephony solution is turn key package designed to support your business in all aspects of communications. Connect with colleagues and customers alike through voice, video or instant messaging, all through one platform.

SIP Trunks & Lines

Designed to replace traditional phone lines, SIP Trunks connect your businesses phone system (PBX) using the Internet. SIP Trunking offers great cost saving opportunities, increased resiliency and scalability for your business.


Voice Recording

We offer a range of voice recording solutions to allow your organisation to record some or all of your phone calls, which can then be played back when necessary. Whether you are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and required by law to record phone calls, or wish to do so for training or quality control purposes, we can help!

Data Storage & Processing


Server Hosting

Whether you are building a presence on the web or have a need to provide an outsourced home for hosting complex applications, CloudConnX can help. Our portfolio of hosting options caters for a range of needs from web site development environments through virtual machines to dedicated hosts.

Server Colocation

We offer secure accommodation for computers and networking equipment to enable organisations to deliver applications and services to the internet. Our accommodation can host anything from a single piece of equipment to complex computer networks.



HydraSync is a Dropbox-like Cloud Storage solution for businesses. HydraSync integrates seamlessly with your local file server storage and allows files to be accessed from local software such as Microsoft Office.

Backup Solutions

CloudConnX offer a comprehensive and affordable range of data backup services that can safeguard you and your business data from disruptive events such as malware attacks, system failures, theft and accidental deletion.

Best Backup Recall

Recall is a software-based file backup solution that works on Windows, Apple Mac and Linux, with a plugin also available for Synology storage. Recall backs up your valuable files, preventing data loss through human error, corruption, theft, viruses, hardware faults and other threats.


Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft provide a range of powerful applications with Microsoft 365, however comprehensive data backup is not included. Microsoft 365 Backup Solution eliminates the risk of your business losing access and control over your Microsoft 365 data, including Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.

Consultancy Services

We offer a range of strategic consultancy services for organisations looking to install or improve technology, phones and networks. We pride ourselves on being easy to talk to; we’ve got all the technical knowledge you could ever want to hear, but we can explain in simple terms what that technology will do for your business too. These services are all suitable for larger businesses with more complex needs that need some expert guidance and advice.