Microsoft 365 Backups

Backup solution for your Microsoft 365 Data, including data stored with Exchange, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Veeam Backups are the market leader for Microsoft 365 data protection.

Veeam Backup eliminates the risk of your business losing access and control over your Microsoft 365 data, including Exchange, SharePoint, Onedrive and Teams. Protect your data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps and quickly restore your files in the event of data loss.

Do you Backup your Microsoft 365 data?

Microsoft provide a range of powerful applications with Microsoft 365, however comprehensive data backup is not included. The Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility Model states that 'with Microsoft 365, it's your data- you control it- and it is your responsibility to protect it'. Many businesses are not aware that their Exchange, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint data is not protected and they are therefore vulnerable to experiencing data loss.

Features of Veeam Microsoft 365 Backups:

Backup your Microsoft 365 Data

Backup Exchange, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint data with the industries lowest recovery point objective, backing up data as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Cloud based

Veeam Microsoft 365 Backups are stored in the cloud outside of Microsoft's infrastructure for maximum protection.

Easily recover data for compliance requests

Easily retrieve Microsoft 365 documents to meet regulatory or legal requests quickly.

Faster Backups with throttling reduction

Prevent throttling and meet recovery point and recovery time objectives for SharePoint and OneDrive by leveraging auxiliary accounts.

Application specific recovery features for Microsoft 365 Backups:

Microsoft Exchange

• Restore Exchange items to mailbox, calendar or another location.
• Compare folders/mailboxes with backups and restore missing or changed items. 
• Save Exchange items as a .MSG
• Email Exchange items as an attachment.
• Export a folder, item or mailbox as a .PST.

Microsoft OneDrive

• Restore users, folders or files to OneDrive.
• Restore any file to a previous version.
• Save files or folders.
• Email OneDrive files as an attachment.
• Restore users, folders, or files whilst either overwriting or keeping the originals.
• Save multiple files or folders as a .ZIP file.
• Restore with or without extended attributes and custom access controls.

Microsoft SharePoint

• Restore online or on-premises site, library, or document.
• Restore an object to a prior version. 
• Restore SharePoint items to another location.
• Email SharePoint objects as an attachment.
• Save SharePoint objects as a file.
• Save multiple SharePoint objects as a .ZIP file.

Microsoft Teams

• Restore a Team along with its membership and settings.
• Restore missing/changed Team memberships.
• Restore a tab to original location.
• Restore posts back to the original Team.
• Restore changed or missing items and files.
• Restore any file to its prior version.
• Restore file or channel to original location.
• Export or restore selected posts.
• Save multiple or individual files.
• Save or send posts as .MSG files. 
• Send files as attachments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Microsoft 365 backup your data?
Microsoft 365 has many compliance and availability capabilities but comprehensive backup is not part of the service they offer. According to the Microsoft 365 shared responsibility model customer data is not Microsoft's responsibility. The data generated in Microsoft applications is the responsibility of the customer and needs to be protected by the customer.