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CloudConnX CloudWall

CloudConnX CloudWall service provides a unique method of delivering the security you need for your Internet connectivity without the hassle of having to set up ‘black boxes’ in your premises.

CloudWall offers a robust firewall between your business and the Internet, protecting your computers and network from unauthorised or malicious traffic.

CloudWall offers the following benefits:

  • No firewall ‘black boxes’ are required on your site reducing your operating and capital expense overheads.
  • Is delivered from inside the CloudConnX network, which means that unnecessary Internet traffic is kept off your line freeing up more usable bandwidth for your business data.
  • Operates in a clustered technology environment (i.e. is part of a resilant grouping of firewalls) making it far more effective and reliable than traditional on-premise firewalls.
  • Provides a centralised gateway to the Internet for organisations with multiple sites, eliminating the need for some high maintenance Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) thereby lowering overhead costs.

CloudWall is available in two variants;

CloudWall “Shared”

CloudWall Shared is perfectly suited to environments where a simple ‘set it and forget it’ approach is required. During setup, CloudConnX will configure any rules required to allow access to systems such as email servers and remote access systems etc. Thereafter, ad hoc changes are made to your specification on instruction to CloudConnX.

CloudWall “Dedicated”

CloudWall Dedicated enables customers with more demanding networking needs to manage their own firewall policies through a personalised control panel.

To find out more about CloudConnX CloudWall, please contact us.