Internet & Network Connectivity

We offer a range of Network and Internet connectivity solutions to suit the needs of your business.

Every organisation needs to access the Internet and often link privately to other sites but there are many different ways to connect. The best solution for your business will depend on the type, size and location of your premises and team. Whether you are installing something for the first time or upgrading what you have already, we offer an extensive range of options to help you access the content, resources and applications you require.


ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is our entry level broadband offering speeds up to a theoretical maximum download speed of 24Mbit/s, but more commonly up to 16Mbit/s. Connectivity is delivered over a standard telephone line which can be used simultaneously for both Internet access and calls.

Standard Fibre (FTTC)

FTTC stands for 'Fibre to the Cabinet', meaning fibre optic cables carry the connection from the local exchange to your nearest street cabinet, and legacy copper telephone lines carry it to your premises. FTTC offers an ideal step up from ADSL broadband.

Full Fibre (FTTP)

FTTP stands for 'Fibre to the Premises', meaning fibre optic cables are used for the entire journey from the local exchange to your nearest street cabinet, and then to your premises. Full Fibre offers ultra-fast symmetrical speeds of up to 1Gbit/s (1000Mbit/s) and is ultra-low latency.


Delivered over a high quality, secure wireless link, our EtherAir service provides high speed Internet access via a simple dish mounted on the outside of your premises. EtherAir is suitable for organisations of all sizes,  from sole traders to businesses with up to 100 staff.

Mobile Broadband

4G & 5G, or 4th & 5th Generation cellular data is a broadband service delivered over the same networks used by mobile phones. It offers Internet connectivity in situations where other broadband options are not available or viable. Our 4G & 5G broadband services provide surprisingly good performance even in areas where download speeds on handsets is poor.

Leased Lines

Leased lines offer a higher quality connection to the Internet or other sites and are suitable for more complex organisations, especially those with several different premises.  Leased line connections are exclusively yours, so will be faster than shared connections. All of our Leased Line products also come hand in hand with a high standard service level agreement.

Public & Corporate WiFi

We offer a range of WiFi solutions for corporate and public sector clients. We can also provide WiFi for shops, cafes and public places. Our public WiFi offerings comply with government standards and can be installed as a turnkey connectivity solution. We can manage the whole process, from reviewing your needs to installing the system and providing a help desk. We also look after the legal side of things including GDPR and freedom of information requests.

Complex Networks

Complex Networks can be designed to solve a variety of connectivity issues for businesses. For example, a complex network could be designed to enable organisations with many different sites to connect seamlessly whilst also allowing staff who work in different locations to talk easily or to access the same information. Complex networks can also enable businesses to put restrictions on which members of their team can see what and provide remote access solutions.

Unsure which Connectivity Solution is the best fit for your business?

If you are unsure which of the connectivity solutions we offer would be best suited to your business please do not hesitate to get in touch for no obligation advice on which system would best meet your needs. Our team are experienced at installing a variety of connectivity solutions to a range of businesses across many sectors so help is at hand. To speak to a member of the team give us a call on 0330 122 0550, email us at or fill in the form below and we will get back to you.
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