Public & Corporate WiFi

WiFi solutions for retailers, public sector organisations, entertainment venues and other businesses looking to provide Internet connectivity for their visitors.

Public WiFi

Public WiFi provides access to fast, reliable Internet access for customers, business partners and employees. We can help you implement public WiFi by designing, building and maintaining everything to meet your needs both now and in the future.
Whether you’re a large retailer, public sector organisation, entertainment venue or a travel company, Public WiFi can help you to differentiate your service from competitors and improve the experience of your customers. Public WiFi can also help to provide you with insights into your customers needs and help you to build customer loyalty.

WiFi for Public Sector Organisations

We deliver a turnkey solution for public sector organisations (including central government, local government and blue light services). We provide reliable public and corporate access for WiFi users which complies with government standards and relieves internal ICT teams of the burden of managing compliance.

We manage the whole process, from reviewing what each organisation needs to installing the system and providing a help desk. We also look after the legal side of things including GDPR and freedom of information requests.

WiFi for Retail Outlets

Retail organisations need WiFi for a variety of purposes: for their own staff and back office, for customer use and for the ability to gain insight into customer behaviour. Multi-branch stores may want customers to be able to log into the same WiFi when they visit their outlets in different towns and cities.

Solutions will vary according to the number of outlets and marketing and promotional requirements. We offer packaged services of easy-to-use WiFi for everything from individual corner shops to large chains.


WiFi for Corporate Organisations

Whether you are looking to extend WiFi from your broadband router to another room in your premises, or needing to deploy sophisticated connectivity for multiple sites with secure corporate and guest access, we have a solution.

CloudConnX are able to provide a complete turnkey solution including planning, surveys, design, implementation and in life management. Some of the connectivity solutions we offer for businesses include Full Fibre Broadband, Standard Fibre Broadband, Leased Lines, ADSL, EtherAir, and Mobile Broadband. If you are unsure which service would meet the needs of your organisation best please get in touch for a no obligation consultation.

Benefits of Public WiFi

Marketing Opportunities

Offering Public WiFi allows you to run targeted promotional campaigns and unlock new revenue streams. Branding your login page gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers in ways that were not possible before.

Increased Security

Public WiFi allows you to separate guest traffic from that of employees and business partners which can aid in protecting your network and improve network performance.

Customer Insights

Public WiFi offers you the ability to gain insights into customer behaviours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does public Wifi differ from standard wifi?
Public WiFi allows you to separate guest traffic from that of employees and business partners which can aid in protecting your network and improving network performance.