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Leased Line Services

CloudConnX offers a wide range of dedicated use Leased Line services tailored to meet the most demanding operational needs

Like many other providers, CloudConnX can provide a unique blend of traditional and state of the art leased line services across the UK.

However, unlike other providers, when combined with our wireless technology circuits and next generation core network and cloud services, CloudConnX leased line services solve many operational headaches including:

  • Highly reliable, seamless communication between sites.
  • Centralised access to the Internet and third party sites.
  • Granular control of inter site traffic.
  • Access to on-net cloud, server hosting and co-location services.
  • High speed communications to poorly served¬†’end of line’ locations.

The CloudConnX portfolio of leased line services includes:

Wireless Point to Point Leased Lines

Delivered using robust next generation technologies, CloudConnX can provide dedicated connectivity over varying distances ranging from a hundred meters to cross county. Used in conjunction with traditional leased line services, CloudConnX wireless services can provide a highly cost effective alternative to copper or fibre optic tail circuits.

Ethernet Access Direct (EAD)

Ideal for connectivity from 10Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s, EAD offers a highly effective method of providing point to point links between sites.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM provides a cost effective alternative to other traditional leased line services in areas outside of CloudConnX wireless services coverage. EFM utilises existing copper line plant to provide leased line access speeds up to 35Mbps.

Ethernet Services

Delivering carrier class connectivity at speeds ranging from 200Kbps to 10Gbps. Delivered over either copper or optical fibre tail circuits, CloudConnX Ethernet Services cater for the most demanding of operational needs.

All of CloudConnX leased line services can be delivered as simple point to point connections or more complex hub and spoke configurations with combined cloud services.

To find out more about how CloudConnX leased line services can help your organisation click here.