SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a reliable, secure and cost effective way to add external calling to your phone system over the Internet. SIP Trunking connects your phone system to our network using an IP connection.

SIP Trunking from just £5 a month

Our flexible, cost-effective and robust SIP Trunking packages are suitable for businesses of all sizes

Easy to set up and maintain

SIP Trunks do not require large amounts of hardware or a physical phone line, just a reliable Internet connection.

Reduce Costs

SIP trunks can reduce phone expenses significantly. Unlike traditional ISDN that can require multiple lines into a site, with SIP Trunking you can use a single connection – no more paying for lines and channels you don’t need. You can also run telephony over existing data networks, consolidating your physical lines.


Adding extra SIP Lines to a SIP Trunk is a quick process, just contact us and we can add extra lines for you without the need for additional hardware.


SIP trunks allow for improves risk management through redundancy and reliability. SIP Trunks offer the ability to forward calls to secondary phones in the rare event of an Internet outage.

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PSTN Switch Off

Get ready for the future

SIP Trunking enables you to continue using your existing telephony system even after the 2025 PSTN switch-off.

 In the UK, the PSTN and ISDN analogue networks will be switched off in 2025. A stop sell is already in place for many of these services. This means you may need to move away from your current voice lines if you haven’t already, including ISDN. For businesses that wish to continue making the most of investments they’ve made in their current telephony systems SIP Trunking could be the answer. Deploying SIP Trunking means you could still use your existing on-premises phone system even after 2025, putting you in control about when to choose to move to a cloud-based unified communications solution in the future.

The Technology behind SIP Trunking

How SIP Trunking works
A SIP Trunk works like a digital version of a traditional phone line. SIP Trunks connect a company PBX or PABX to the Internet. SIP trunking allows business phones to work over the Internet and enables businesses to send and receive different types of data including voice calls, text and video. Most businesses only require a single SIP Trunk (with multiple SIP Lines) to cover all of their communications needs.

Why choose CloudConnX?

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Industry Knowledge and Experience

Our team of experts have decades of experience working in the communications and computing industry. From delivery of a simple broadband connection to a custom-built carrier-grade network; we've got you covered.
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Customer Support

With CloudConnX you can expect customer-first support and responsive service. Gone are the days of lengthy waits on hold to national corporations to access customer support. Our team are always at the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have or provide any support you may need.
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Your Business Services Partner

Here at CloudConnX we offer a range of solutions to meet all your communications, connectivity, data storage and processing, and consulting needs. What's even better is all our services work together seamlessly.
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The best prices

Here at CloudConnX we are an ISP and directly connect with all of the main network carriers enabling us to provide you with the most reliable service at the best price. We do the hard work for you, whilst you benefit from our network and support.

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For more information about SIP Trunking please fill in the form and a member of the team will get back to you. 
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