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Designed to replace traditional phone lines, SIP Trunks connect your businesses phone system (PBX) using the Internet. SIP Trunking offers great cost saving opportunities, increased resiliency and scalability for your business. 


The Technology behind SIP

SIP Trunks
A SIP Trunk works like a digital version of a traditional phone line. SIP Trunks connect a company PBX or PABX to the Internet. SIP trunking allows business phones to work over the Internet and enables businesses to send and receive different types of data including voice calls, text and video. Most businesses only require a single SIP Trunk (with multiple SIP Lines) to cover all of their communications needs.
SIP Lines
A SIP Line refers to a branch that comes off a SIP Trunk, also known as a channel or a session. A SIP Line can support one incoming or outgoing call at a time, however you can have a large number of SIP Lines coming off a single SIP Trunk. The number of SIP trunks your business would require is dependant on the average number of concurrent calls you tend to handle at any time in the workday.

Benefits of SIP Trunks and Lines:

Easy to set up and maintain

SIP Trunks do not require large amounts of hardware or a physical phone line, just a reliable Internet connection.

Reduce Costs

SIP trunks can reduce phone expenses significantly.


Adding extra SIP Lines to a SIP Trunk is a quick process, just contact us and we can add extra lines for you without the need for additional hardware.


SIP trunks allow for improves risk management through redundancy and reliability. SIP Trunks offer the ability to forward calls to secondary phones in the rare event of an Internet outage.

Get ahead of the ISDN switch off!

The traditional copper telephone network (ISDN & PTSN) is scheduled to be switched off in December 2025. Traditional phone lines can only process voice, whereas SIP, and associated protocols carry multimedia traffic for voice communications, instant messaging and video conferencing. SIP lines and SIP trunks are a great alternative to traditional phone lines ahead of the switch off.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What are SIP Trunks?
SIP stands for 'Session Initiation Protocol' and provides a way to make end to end connections for data and voice transfers over the Internet. A trunk is a collection of phone lines shared between users. A SIP Trunk is a virtual link between between your PBX and PSTN using the Internet and is designed to replace traditional copper telephone lines.