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Connected EarthSD WAN

SD WAN or Software Define WAN (Wide Area Network) provides a way of connecting branch sites into a private network that can adapt to changing demands including:

  1. Reliable delivery of applications such as voice and video
  2. Securing all traffic against eavesdropping
  3. Acccommodating a mix of network technologies include leased lines, broadband and 4/5G
  4. Granular security to control flows of traffic to only the locations where it is permitted

Although SD WAN can deliver a good deal of useful functionality, it isn't for everyone. CloudConnX can help you ascertain whether SD WAN is right for your organisation. Contact us for a no obligation chat and technical review of your requirements and current circumstances.

Suitable for:  businesses and organisations with more complex or sophisticated network requirements, e.g. multiple branch sites, or companies which have merged and need a unified network.


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