Why Choose CloudConnX?

How CloudConnX are different:

CloudConnX specialises in providing cloud and connectivity solutions to businesses both large and small. CloudConnX was founded in Eastbourne in September 2011, when a number local businesses were feeling let down by poor connectivity in the town. We believed we could improve upon existing services in the town, and Eastbourne Borough Council promised that if we could come up with a business plan they would invest in us as a start up. They were true to their word and the business has gone from strength to strength ever since. Building on our local authority roots, we've also worked for Brighton & Hove and East Sussex County Councils. We've installed WiFi in the sleek and modern Jubilee Library, and the opulent, historic Royal Pavilion. We deliver connectivity services to all of the theatres and exhibition centres in Eastbourne. However, we don't just work for local authorities and we don't just work in the South of England. We have clients in the USA, Western Europe and all over the UK!

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We are one of a new breed of companies that doesn’t insist on having a large number of employees. Instead, we have a small but extremely talented core team which uses trusted local contractors. Using our business experience and technical knowledge, we will work with you to find the best solutions for your organisation. 

Some of the businesses we have the pleasure of working with:

CloudConnX are proud to support a range of businesses and organisations from a broad spectrum of industries. Here are just a few of the businesses we have assisted with their cloud and communications services: