HydraSync Cloud Storage Solution

Internet connectivity delivered over a high quality secure wireless link via a simple dish mounted on the outside of your premises.

Secure File Sharing, Collaboration and Mobile Access

HydraSync is a Dropbox-like Cloud Storage solution for businesses. Boost workforce mobility with cloud file sharing and mobile access, while retaining securing and permissions and a familiar user experience from file servers. With Active Directory and permissions inherited, no other solution better unites existing IT infrastructures on-premise security with cloud mobility.  


The Dropbox-like file storage solution for Business

HydraSync integrates seamlessly with your local file server storage and allows files to be accessed from local software such as Microsoft Office. Files can be accessed from PCs, mobile devices and web browsers making it easy for employees to access all the data they need on the go. HydraSync enables teams to collaborate on a document with it's Sync and Share solution. Meet compliance objectives and reduce the risk of corporate data leakage from third party sites whilst also being able to track where data is coming from and where it is going, enhancing security and control.

Features of HydraSync:

Access from Anywhere

HydraSync storage space can be accessed from any web browser or mobile device, meaning that you can access your files from anywhere.

Secure Encryption

HydraSync implements encryption at rest with client owned key, keeping your data secure. 


Files saved to HydraSync can be accessed from a users local computer and software such as MS Office.

Folder Synchronisation

Users can choose to adopt 2-way folder synchronisation.

Active Directory Integration

Access can be provided through Active Directory integration or you can simply add users natively.

File Backup

Users can choose to automatically back-up selected files and/or folders.

Server Backup

HydraSync offers incremental server back-up.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0330 122 0550 or emailing hello@cloudconnx.net

Do I need to consciously upload files to HydraSync each time?
HydraSync can be integrated into your file structure, enabling you to save files straight into HydraSync from each application that you use, just as you would when saving a document normally. HydraSync folders can also be accessed from file explorer, making utilising HydraSync for your business effortless.