Mobile Business Broadband

4G/5G Wireless Mobile Broadband for Business

Are you looking for fast 4G/5G broadband for your business? CloudConnX provide high speed, wireless, 4G/5G broadband options across the UK. If other broadband options are not available to your location or you are looking for connectivity that you can take with you on the move then our Mobile Broadband could be the solution for you!

The Technology behind Mobile Broadband

4G & 5G, or 4th & 5th Generation cellular data is a broadband service delivered over the same networks used by mobile phones. It offers Internet connectivity in situations where other broadband options are not available or viable. Our 4G & 5G broadband services provide surprisingly good performance even in areas where download speeds on handsets is poor. Mobile broadband can be used anywhere in the UK where there is reasonable 4G/5G coverage, allowing for greater flexibility.

Benefits of Mobile Broadband


Mobile broadband allows you to work from any location and take your connectivity with you. If you frequently work from different locations than Mobile Broadband could be a great option for you, allowing you to take one connection with you wherever you go rather than having to source broadband in multiple locations.

Back Up Connection

Mobile Broadband can be a great backup connection in the event of power outage, theft or vandalism preventing you from accessing other fixed connectivity solutions. If Internet connectivity is crucial for your business operations then having Mobile Broadband as a backup can help prevent any downtime. 


The costs of implementing Mobile broadband are minimal. The only hardware you will require is a Mobile router or dongle meaning that you don't incur the set up costs associated with some other fixed connectivity solutions. 

Ease and Speed of Installation

Mobile Broadband can be implemented quickly as the hardware requirements are minimal. We can set you up with connection and get a router sent out to you quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is 4G?
4G is the fourth generation of broadband mobile network technology using high speed upload and download packets to allow users to access broadband style speeds from their devices. Masts broadcast 4G signals across the country.