Voice Recording Solutions

Call Recording Solutions for Businesses

Some businesses, for instance those that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, are required by law to record phone calls. Others may wish to do so for training or quality control purposes. We offer a range of solutions to allow your organisation to record some or all of your phone calls, which can then be played back when necessary.

Call Recording Solutions for Call Centres

We can supply call recording for contact call centres that have a full integrated and interactive wallboard, providing live statistics on inbound calls, outbound calls, average calls per hour, missed call counts, average wait times and more. Our call centre call recording offerings also enable you to monitor call handler performance, with the ability to score all calls based on criteria that you generate specifically for your business.

Tailored to your requirements:

We offer a range of Voice Recording solutions. The best solution for your business depends on a number of factors:
• Your Telephony Protocol (VoIP, Analogue, Digital, ISDN)
• Your preferred storage (Internal SD Card, Internal HD, Cloud Storage)
• The capacity you require (1 telephone line, 10 telephone lines, 100 lines....)
Other Requirements (DECT, headsets, soft phones, Microsoft Teams)

Benefits of Call Recording

Comply with FCA, MiFID and OCU regulations

Our call recording solutions comply with regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority and OCU, as well as the Markets in Financial Instruments directive.

Locate specific calls easily

Search for specific calls based on words and phrases mentioned. Make notes and add markers to each call at the time that it is received to build a record that is handy to look back on for future reference. 

Resolve Costly Disputes

With call recordings there is no doubt about what has and hasn't been said.

Boost employee performance

If you are operating a call centre, our call recording solutions are able to generate statistics based on criteria that you determine yourself for each operator which are great for incentivising bonuses and rewarding great performance.

Identify problem areas

Allocate your own pre-set criteria which all calls are then scored against. Easily view overall company and employee activity with call statistics and wallboards.

Keep Valuable Records

Call recording allows you to have a record of all of your interactions with customers. Word and phrase spotting allows you to spot trends within customer calls and you can add notes to each call record to store extra information.

Continuous Improvement

Recording calls is a great way to monitor which areas of your customer service are having the greatest impact on customers. Determine which of your employees need more support to get them on par with your top performers. When it comes to training, call recordings with customers personal details removed present a great learning opportunity.

Improved Decision Making

Call recording allows you to inspect the customers journey, preferences, and the steps they go through to make a purchase. Leverage insights from large numbers of calls to quickly determine which strategies are aiding in satisfying customers and improving brand reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I consider adopting call recording?
Businesses that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority are required by law to record phone calls. Others may wish to do so for training or quality control purposes. Call recording can also be a great aid in dispute resolution.