Full Fibre Broadband for Eastbourne Businesses

Full Fibre (FTTP) Broadband is now available to Eastbourne Businesses!

World class Internet provision to place your business at the forefront of leading technologies is now live in Eastbourne. Drive growth and future-proof your business with world-class gigabit connectivity. 

Gigabit connectivity is up to 20 times faster than the UK's average business Internet connection, providing increased productivity and improved access to cloud-based applications.

Ultrafast symmetrical speeds

The median UK broadband download speed is 50.4Mb/s (Ofcom 2021). Our fastest Full Fibre package provides symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 1,000Mb/s (1Gb/s), nearly 20x faster than the average UK connection!

Reliable Network with Business Grade SLA's

Fully diverse and completely independent from incumbent infrastructure, the Full Fibre network provides the assurance and quality of service businesses demand and expect, backed by business class SLAs.

Future-proof Connectivity

Full Fibre is the most future-proofed business broadband connection there is. Unlike previous technologies, the limits of fibre have not yet been fully exploited with options emerging for much faster speeds up to 100 Gigabit/s and above. This is why it's a great option to go for ahead of the 2025 copper switch off.

Access next generation cloud and remote services

In recent years the way that we work has revolutionised, with the growth of cloud computing and remote working platforms. With CloudConnX Full Fibre Business Broadband, bandwidth is no longer an issue giving you the opportunity to take full advantage of technological advancements.

What is Full Fibre Broadband?

Did you know that data can travel in the form of light? Fibre-optic cables utilise this by using cladding to enable data to bounce off the walls of the cable rather than leaking like traditional legacy copper wire does. As a result, very little of the signal is lost providing greater stability of connection and access to faster speeds. 

Full Fibre broadband uses fibre-optic cable for entire journey from the local exchange to your premises. So called fibre broadband only uses fibre-optic for the first half of the journey (from telephone exchange to street cabinet) and the older ADSL service does not use fibre-optic cable at all. This is where the variation in speed and stability arises between services. 

Fibre-optic cables are also far less susceptible to interference as they do not conduct electrical currents making them resistant to fire, electromagnetic interference, lightning and radio signals. Copper cables (used to deliver ADSL and part of the standard fibre product) are designed to conduct electricity and as a result they are vulnerable to interference from power lines, lightning, and signal scrambling. As a result, the stability offered by Full Fibre is far superior to that of ADSL and Standard Fibre.

Why CloudConnX?


Eastbourne Founded Business

CloudConnX was founded in Eastbourne in September 2011 when a number of local businesses were feeling let down by poor connectivity. We believed we could improve upon existing services in the town and to this day we remain dedicated to bringing the latest connectivity solutions to fellow Eastbourne businesses.

Local Customer Support

Gone are the days of lengthy waits on hold to national corporations to access customer support. Our team are always at the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have or provide any support you may need. With CloudConnX you can expect customer-first support and responsive service.

City Champion for Eastbourne

As CityFibre City Champion for Eastbourne we have extensive experience in helping businesses upgrade their connectivity & reduce monthly costs. From new start-ups to multi-branch enterprises we can help you to unlock your digital potential with Gigabit broadband.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0330 122 0550 or emailing hello@cloudconnx.net
With fibre, you may be surprised to learn that legacy copper wire, which is notoriously slow and unreliable, carries data from a nearby street-side cabinet into a premises. Full Fibre is completely different- it uses a fibre connection the entire length of the journey from the local telephone exchange to provide far greater speeds and superior reliability.