What is IP Telephony?

What is IP Telephony?

IP Telephony (Internet Protocol Telephony) refers to a phone system that uses an Internet connection to send or receive voice data. IP Telephony was introduced to the market in 1995.

How does IP Telephony work?

In comparison to traditional phone systems that transmit voice in the form of analogue signals, IP telephony transmits voice in the form of digital data. IP Telephony works by translating the analogue data created by a person’s voice into digital data through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Benefits of IP Telephony: 

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Where many traditional telephony packages are charged based on number of calls, most IP Telephony solutions are based on number of users, making charges much more predictable and consistent. IP Telephony also only requires an Internet Connection rather than a telephone line reducing the overall cost involved in running the network.
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Scalability & futureproofing

IP Telephony is subject to fewer restrictions than analogue systems which makes scaling up your communications easier. With IP Telephony you can add and remove lines as necessary with ease. With IP Telephony making use of digital signals, it is a great option to go for ahead of the ISDN/PSTN Switch Off in 2025.
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Supports remote working

IP telephony allows for employees to efficiently work remotely as there is no requirement for physical hardware. Employees can make and receive calls from a company number without being in the office. This makes for easier growth, hiring and communications across the business.
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Improved call quality

Not so many years ago, IP Telephony Systems were often subject to criticism by users for poor call quality. Since then, improvements in Internet connectivity and better standards have largely solved those issues. 
IP telephony means workers can enjoy much higher call quality on average than those using analogue systems. 
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Increased capability and features

Many IP Telephony solutions offer added features that are not available on analogue systems. These features include video conferencing, automatic call recording, automatic call back, and the ability to integrate communications with other apps. Most IP Telephony solutions also support Call Handoff, meaning users can transfer a call from one device to another seamlessly without audible disruption.

What is the difference between IP Telephony and VoIP?

Many people use the terms VoIP and IP Telephony interchangeably. However, whilst both VoIP and IP Telephony use a Local Access Network (LAN) to connect to the Internet, VoIP refers to a system designed to transfer analogue voice signals to digital, before transporting them over the Internet. IP Telephony is a broad umbrella concept under which VoIP sits.

Are there any challenges associated with IP Telephony?

There are 2 challenges associated with IP Telephony. Firstly, the quality of service provided by IP Telephony products is entirely dependent on the quality of Internet connection the technology uses. Secondly, IP Telephony should be used alongside a secure Internet network, which not all providers can supply. Both issues can be overcome at the start of the process of switching to IP Telephony, by ensuring that your business has a reliable high speed Internet connection and that it is part of a secure network.

Can CloudConnX help me with IP Telephony?

Yes, CloudConnX are able to provide a full solution including the phone system itself, handsets, headsets, installation and cabling, training and Internet access. Our experts can guide you through the process of seamlessly migrating from legacy systems and tailor the solution to your requirements.

CloudConnX IP Telephony Solutions

3CX app, desktop and softphone

3CX Phone System

The software-based private branch exchange phone system for your business. 3CX is a turn key package designed to support your business in all aspects of communications. Connect with colleagues and customers alike through voice, video or instant messaging, all through one platform. There is also the opportunity to integrate website live chat, Facebook messaging and SMS. 3CX can grow with your business, whether you are a large enterprise or small business.
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SIP Trunks and Lines

Business SIP Trunking from just £5 a month. Designed to replace traditional phone lines, SIP Trunks connect your businesses phone system (PBX) using the Internet. SIP Trunking offers great cost saving opportunities, increased resiliency and scalability for your business.